AI Business Strategy

Unlock more growth for your business by the successful use of AI in your business.

AI for small business

As your independent AI Guides, we can help your business successfully adopt Artificial Intelligence to boost your bottom line.


Strategy session on finding the best use cases for your business.

Discovery + Solutions

Identify your current operational environment.


Find the right AI vendors for your unique project.

Example Engagement

Peter Diamandis

By 2030 there will be two types of businesses. Those that use AI and those that are bankrupt.


As talked about in the book Who Not How, good leaders realize that they need help, and to delegate more, but they struggle doing so.


Finding an AI that can help you achieve and exceed your goals.

When a job is to be done, many people immediately think about “how” it should be done, and begin work in isolation. We are taught from a young age that we need to do everything ourselves and that getting help from others is cheating.

Instead of asking “how can I accomplish this” a better question to ask is “who can help me accomplish this?”

The argument of the book is that with each ascending level of success, a person’s ability to produce results will depend more and more on “who” they work with, not “how” they work.
Good leaders realize they cannot realize their goals by doing everything themselves. They understand that they need help. They recognize that their role is to explain “what” needs to be done, and “why it needs to be done.” Then they allow the “who” to determine “how” the work will be done.

Traditionally a “who” was always a person. Now, a “who” can be an AI too. Over time, the capabilities of AI are only going to increase, and with machine learning, they can get better and better at completing those jobs.


Instead of hiring a person to do a job, “hire” an AI. In the right circumstances, an AI is better, faster and cheaper than any human could ever be.

How to Ensure the Successful Use of AI in Your Business

Initial Assessment

First, we find out whether your business has the potential for a successful AI project that supports your goals. (If it doesn’t, we’ll tell you!)

Discovery Report

We conduct exhaustive interviews and analysis in order to define the objectives you need to meet to succeed.

Solutions Report

Finally, you get a detailed roadmap for reaching those objectives, and we point you to the right vendors for your project.

Avoid falling behind in the race to deploy AI.

Instead, you can mitigate the risks of your investment and tap into the power and potential of artificial intelligence to transform your business into a leading force in your industry.

Free Guide

Do you wonder about what AI will mean for your business, and whether you should be using it?

Before you spend anything on AI, we believe you should ask 7 critical questions. Access our free guide, where we help you answer these questions for your organization.
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