How to Use Generative AI as a Digital Worker


June 14th 1 – 4, Impact Hub Ottawa, 6th Floor Workshop Space

Cost: $400.00 + Possible Subscription Costs for Canva, Dream Studio and ChatGPT (see below for details). Workshop discounts available under some circumstances – please inquire.

Registration: Please e-mail to register for this workshop. You’ll be provided with a payment link in the reply e-mail.

Pre-workshop assistance with signing up to the Software as a Service (SaaS) used during the workshop will be provided from 12 – 1.

Workshop Description

In this fun hands-on workshop, participants will learn about how to use Generative AI applications like Dream Studio and ChatGPT as digital workers to fill skill gaps and scale teams. Following a lecture and discussion portion of the workshop, where digital worker strategy will be reviewed, participants will get to concretely experience how to use generative AI as a digital worker by using Canva (an online graphic design tool), Dream Studio ( (a generative AI tool that can create images from text prompts)  and ChatGPT ((a generative AI tool that can produce new text from text prompts) as design assistants during the creation of a sample event poster.

At the end of the workshop, you will have a Canva file of the sample event poster, that you can use as a base for creating your own event posters using generative AI. You’ll also have a better understanding of how you can use Generative AI with other applications (e.g. Powerpoint, WordPress) to quickly create new and exciting content.

No experience using Canva, Dream Studio or ChatGPT is necessary to participate in the workshop, which is suitable for beginners. Participants are expected to bring a laptop to the workshop that can work with Canva, Dream Studio or ChatGPT and to have signed up for these services prior to the workshop start at 1pm. We can help you sign up for these SaaS during the workshop pre-session starting at 12pm.

 Subscription Costs for Canva, Dream Studio and ChatGPT:  It is possible to get a free, limited access or limited usage subscription to Canva, Dream Studio and ChatGPT. However, if you have previously exceeded your free subscription limits for these applications, you may need to pay for additional access during the workshop.


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