AI/ML/OMG! Help for Non Technical Founders

You’ve had a crazy idea to start a business and now you see so many other companies are using AI. But you’re not a data scientist, and you’re wondering if you’re missing out.

The good news is that access to AI is being democratized like never before. There are all kinds of options available to the non data scientist.

Join us to learn about how you can get started down the right path, and meet others with the same problem.

This free event is a chance to learn more about how to scale your business with AI as a team member.

Avoid Falling Behind


We serve as your independent AI Guides, giving you the leadership and technical expertise to get you an ROI on your AI projects.

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Avoid falling behind in the race to deploy AI.

Instead, you can mitigate the risks of your investment and tap into the power and potential of artificial intelligence to transform your business into a leading force in your industry.

Free Guide

Do you wonder about what AI will mean for your business, and whether you should be using it?

Before you spend anything on AI, we believe you should ask 7 critical questions. Access our free guide, where we help you answer these questions for your organization.
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