How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Boost Your Small Business Marketing

Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more popular in marketing and small business, and it’s only going to become more prevalent as time goes on. Below are some of the ways that artificial intelligence can help with your marketing efforts. Artificial intelligence is more than a buzz phrase it is a reality. For example, chatbots are only the beginning.

What is AI?

There are lots of definitions of Artificial Intelligence, and people new to it can find it intimidating. They hear about machine learning, personalization, and recommendations and wonder what it all means.

We can keep it simple. AI is technology that makes computers more intelligent. By adopting it, you can use your data to make better business decisions. To learn more, check out the resources we have under New to AI on our website.

AI Solutions for Small Business

All small businesses do lots of work with limited resources. The pandemic has only made things harder.

In theory businesses should welcome a technology that made work easier. Despite this need, many small-business owners are hesitant about certain futuristic technologies, like AI, because they think it’s unaffordable or not applicable to their business.

We have good news. According to the industry experts of Forbes Technology Council, there are plenty of tangible benefits small businesses can receive from leveraging the latest ML tools—in many cases with minimal cost and effort.

Artificial Intelligence the Future of Marketing?

Our focus in this article is to focus on one specific use: artificial intelligence for small business marketing.

As a small business owner, getting the most out of your marketing is important. You want to effectively reach your audience, increase brand awareness and generate sales. But at the same time, you want to limit your costs, without spending too much time.

So how is it that AI can help?

1. Content Marketing

It is tough to write good marketing content that will also rank for search engine optimization. Add in a shortage of time, and writer’s block, and the job gets that much harder.

AI can enhance content creation by using data points and increasing search rankings and engagement with your target audience. How does this work? Take Frase. It digests volumes of data on what a good blog post needs. At the click of a button, it can generate quality, high-converting copy.

This means high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours. It also ensures your content is original and free from spelling and grammar errors.

2. Email Marketing

When a user sees an ad with a broad message, it’s not captivating enough to make them want to click. But when a user sees an ad that’s specific to their interests and looks like it was displayed just for them, they’re more likely to click. 

Vendors like Retention Science predicts customer behavior to deliver targeted and personalized communications throughout your customer’s lifecycle. It’s engine predicts the best subject lines, email content, email delivery time, email frequency, product recommendations, leading to more revenue per email generated and improved customer retention.


3. Smart Chatbots

Customers who can’t find what they need on your website leave and don’t come back. The secret to customer care is a smarter chatbot like Inbenta’s which “speaks human.” It helps customers get the information they need in real time based on what they mean, not what they type.

Because of its proprietary lexicon, it sees past typos and misspellings, analyzes questions to understand the context, and gets at the meaning behind the words – no matter the slang or jargon. And it does it in 35 languages.

4. Personalize Offers

You’ve probably noticed that sites like Amazon make personalized recommendations for you. Amazon makes this same technology available to anyone at a cost even small businesses can afford. AI can can blend real-time user activity data with existing user profile to recommend the most relevant items for the user.

Even better, it can improve the quality of the recommendations over time as it gathers more data. Better recommendations, higher conversion rate.

sample Amazon recommendation for customer

5. Market Intelligence

You want to know what you’re competitors are doing, but it is impossible to keep up. Crayon allows you to track 100+ data types across hundreds of millions of sources. Get updates on competitor promotions, new pricing, new pages to their websites, new announcements and more.

With its analysis function, the AI pulls the signal from the noise of all this data, and gets your marketing team ready for action.

sample data points relevant to small business marketing

For More Tech Tips

AI is no longer just for the multinational corporations, in finance, pharmaceuticals and telecommunications. The playing field is now open to even one person operations.

Your small business can easily and affordably boost your marketing efforts with AI and put your company lightyears ahead of your competition. It’s not about working faster or harder; it’s about working smarter. 

To learn how you can get started with AI, book a free consultation.


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