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Qualitative Insights at Quantitative Scale Mitigate risk and make better decisions by gaining fast, actionable insights and reducing bias while incorporating the customer voice throughout the innovation process — empowering you to make research-driven decisions three times faster. Save resources by democratizing insights in live, flexible conversations with up to 1,000 people at the same …

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Employee surveys that shift employee feedback to active conversations and enable leaders to act. Employees are empowered to provide real-time confidential feedback across the entire employee lifecycle. Leverage data science and modern technology to correlate insights across the employee journey with advanced segmentation. Real-time dashboards for leaders support accountability. How Worktango Works Modern technology to …

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Talkdesk provides a better way for organizations to intelligently unlock the promise and potential of great customer experience. Deliver personalized, intelligent, and secure engagements across voice, and digital channels. Turn your healthcare contact center into a patient-focused strategic resource. A modern cloud contact center solution to help travel and hospitality companies deliver fast scalable customer …

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Todoai is a SAAS developed to work along side HR teams and management to empower employees and offer invaluable insights into company culture and employee engagement Todai provides timely and reliable insights on your employees’ well being. Use the data to get ahead of problems and boost employee morale. Todai lets you understand the voice …

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