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Kaggle offers a no-setup, customizable, Jupyter Notebooks environment. Access free GPUs and a huge repository of community published data & code. Explore, analyze, and share quality data. Explore and run machine learning code with Kaggle Notebooks. Discuss the Kaggle platform & machine learning topics – this includes sharing feedback, asking questions, and more. How Kaggle …

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Leena AI

Automate employee workflows and query resolution with conversational AI. Streamline employee case management with a simple dashboard. Let your employees raise query tickets on the go and automate the entire workflow thereafter. Give your employees automated updates throughout the resolution process. Create a central hub for all employee documents, policies, and other relevant information. Make …

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Unlock insights for improving team engagement, process effectiveness, and overall organizational health. Real-time, interactive depiction of your team’s connectivity, engagement, and productivity in relation to your organization’s health. Catch a glimpse into a team member’s engagement with your organization and receive early warning indicators of unwanted attrition. With millions of interactions assessed, Peoplelogic intelligantly presents …

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Tell us where you’re headed, and we’ll turn your goals into personalized step-by-step support for your entire workforce.Give everyone the personalized, step-by-step support they need to take the best route towards big, shared finish lines. Engage every single person in your organization. Humu makes it easy to rally teams together to achieve common goals. Deliver …

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Qualitative Insights at Quantitative Scale Mitigate risk and make better decisions by gaining fast, actionable insights and reducing bias while incorporating the customer voice throughout the innovation process — empowering you to make research-driven decisions three times faster. Save resources by democratizing insights in live, flexible conversations with up to 1,000 people at the same …

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Employee surveys that shift employee feedback to active conversations and enable leaders to act. Employees are empowered to provide real-time confidential feedback across the entire employee lifecycle. Leverage data science and modern technology to correlate insights across the employee journey with advanced segmentation. Real-time dashboards for leaders support accountability. How Worktango Works Modern technology to …

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The AI-powered experience for candidates to find the right job recruiters to discover top talent employees to grow and evolve managers to build teams faster. Hyper-personalized experiences that attract and convert the right talent. Upskilling and growth opportunities to develop and retain top talent. AI-enriched insights and marketing tools to improve recruiting efficiency. Robust analytics …

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Eightfold delivers significant ROI with higher retention, faster hiring, and greater diversity, powered by the world’s only AI Talent Intelligence Platform. Enrich and Unlock the Power of Your Talent Data Understand Employee Potential at Scale Use AI to Hire for Potential How Eightfold Works AI talent management transforms how you hire, retain and grow a …

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SmartRecruiters is the industry’s only modern and enterprise-grade talent acquisition suite that empowers businesses to hire talent on-demand, and under budget. End-to-end recruiting capabilities on a single platform, with quarterly product releases built in-house to help you compete for talent. Global, award-winning services & technical support teams available 24×7 to assist in your journey towards …

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Build a faster, fairer, friendlier hiring process with HireVue. Our enterprise-level software automates workflows to make scaling hiring easy. Together, we can improve the way you discover, engage, and hire talent. Live and on-demand video interviewing power hiring at scale Pre-hire assessments identify the best candidates and minimize bias Conversational AI accelerates hiring How HireVue …

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