You need fewer data scientists than you think.

Do you wish that you had a collaborative environment with shared data and analysis?  

Do you want an organization where understanding data is no longer the responsibility of one role, one team, or one department. 

Maybe you are like Gymshark, founded in a garage back in 2012 by a group of high-school friends as a sports and fitness apparel company, it is now  one of the fastest-growing and most recognizable brand names in fitness. 

It is a completely direct-to-consumer and community first business. They don’t put our product through any retail stores and instead run their business through channels like social media, live events, their website and through their app.  This means they have have a massive amount of data to sort through.

“We needed more speed to get the right data where it belonged and it was a very manual process,” says Gemma Hulbert, Chief Data Officer at Gymshark. “With so many sources of data coming in from various touchpoints, we wanted to streamline the process in a user-friendly and code-free way. This was so we could get a holistic view of our customer to recommend the products we think best matched what they were looking for.

They went with the Alteryx platform.  Why?

“Alteryx has not only saved us time but has also allowed us to recruit for new individuals that don’t have to have those specific skills in coding or data mining techniques,” Hulbert says. “It can be people who can take the current skillsets they have and be able to investigate data and have a deep understanding of it, almost like a hybrid individual that can add business value by having a nice blend of skills. We’ve been able to expand faster because we are able to find these individuals easier, rather than having to find people with very specific skillsets.”

This means that with Alteryx, you don’t need as many data scientists as you thought.  Take people with other skill sets + the Alteryx platform, and you can focus on the business, not the processing of data.

Look here for more info on Alteryx, and book a consultation if you’d like to know if it is a good fit for your organization.

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