GPTChat to Write Your Social Media

Wish You Could Spend Less Time Writing Social Media Posts?

Every small business owner who posts to social media knows about the blinking cursor problem.


You know that you need to write something!  But it is hard to offer a fresh take over and over.


Writing the text is only half of the problem.  You also need an image to match, which means looking through stock photos.


With GPTChat, and other generative A.I. tools, that is all changed.  


The A.I can help you write the text in remarkably creative ways (try asking for your post to be done in a poem, or in the style of Stephen King).


Other A.I tools like Stable Diffusion will let you create images where only your imagination (and the right prompt) is the limit.


We talked through these possibilities, and the risks (notably that GPTChat is a bullshitter, uninterested in what’s “true”) .


We also include marketing strategy tips on how to avoid generating more filler content that no one wants to read.


Full transcript is below.




Webinar Transcript, December 15, 2022:

Okay, well welcome everyone to this little webinar on the AI Over Lowered. You’ll Love, get It to Write your Blogs and Find you Images. When people think about ai, they, they have this imagination that it could be an overlord, perhaps something.

From Terminator of Skynet of like wiping out humanity. And I, I understand that risk. But today we’re gonna talk about something that’s a little more friendly than that. So, My name is John Stroud and I’m at AI Guides. So we help companies that are interested in using artificial intelligence in their business, but they don’t know where to start.

So I’m the data translator. So I talk between the business people and the technical people. My colleague Jen. , she’s the data scientist, so she’s got the real technical expertise. And then today we’re joined by our good friend Sarah, who is the digital marketing strategist at oco. And we decided to get together to talk about this, this issue because we thought that amongst the many, many different use cases that you could have for this new type of AI that’s just emerging, we thought the social media marketing was just an interesting bite size piece that we could concentrate on.

And then as we get to towards the end, you’ll see that there’s, you know, other things that we can talk about. . So here is the agenda of what we wanted to talk about, but if you have something else that you were hoping to hear feel free to put it in the chat and if we if we can, we’ll go over it.

But otherwise, here’s the. We’re gonna start with what we call the blinking cursor problem. So many business owners are responsible for working on their social media, or they have a ton of emails to write and reaching out to people and they’re, you know, they’re not sure how to say it again, right?

How they gonna get this content out? So generative AI is the, the new technology that we want to talk about. So we’ll give you a little intro on what generative AI is, how you can use it to write text, how you can use it to create images that would go in your social media. And then we’ll step back a little bit and give you an overview of, well, what are some of the risks of using it and how you still need to have a marketing strategy.

Just because you have a tool doesn’t mean you have a strategy. Some other tips to keep in mind. And there’s actually $15,000 in free money that Canadian businesses could be eligible for, and we’ll tell you a little bit about that program.  and how they can access it. So if you think this is a tool that I might like to use in my business, then you could actually get a strategy prepared to tell you how to use it.

Okay. So this is the blinking cursor problem, and I was chatting with my friend Nicole a couple of weeks ago when she said like, oh my God, I.  I just don’t know how to talk about my business on social media in a new way. I feel like I’ve said everything I can possibly say. How do I keep my material fresh?

And, and that’s only half The problem about social media is once she writes the article, she then has to go and find an image to go along with it, and she. , I don’t know how many hours I’ve spent looking through stock photos, trying to find the thing that is so clear in my mind, but is not available from stock photos.

And so it’s a source of frustration for her. There’s a gap between her creative ability and what she’s able to put out. But also it’s just the, the guilt in the sense like, I should be doing more and I’m not, and this is taking so much. And of course in capturing that pain, we picked a stock photo. So I’ll refer back to that later on.

So you’ve got this blinking cursor problem, and some of you may have heard in the last couple of weeks about one of the tools in particular called chat, G P. , it’s going viral on social media and people are giving all these illustrations of what it is able to do, and it’s been really phenomenal growth.

So you can just compare on the right hand side here, how long it took Chad g p t to get to a million users five days, which is considerably faster than any of these other Applications or services, which we think of as being adopted really quickly. So you take something that’s really fast and it’s even faster than that.

So this is really remarkable. What the frack, is it? What is generative ai? If you’ve heard it? Well, we’ve really simplified it for you here. It’s an AI that learns from existing content. To generate new content. And this can be in the form of text or images or videos or even computer code. Like what has happened is that open ai, which is a startup backed now by Microsoft, has trained its AI by reading about 10% of the content on the.

and it’s got a large language model that helps it make sense of all of this content that it’s created and now that brain is able to create new content. So there’s lots of different examples of how this is being used, but , the first thing that I want to talk about is using it for text. And if you haven’t seen it, this is the way it works.

You just tell the chat bot what it is that you want it to write. So in this case, the direction was tell me how to get a peanut butter sandwich unstuck from my vcr. In the form of the King James. , and this is a portion of what it came back with. So just imagine it in this voice that, and it came to pass that a man was troubled by a peanut butter sandwich for, had been placed in his VCR R and he knew not how to remove it.

And he cried out to the Lord saying, oh Lord, how can I remove this sandwich from my VCR for? It is stuck fast and it will not budge. . I mean, that’s pretty creative. It’s, it’s pretty funny, right? I mean, yes. This is just one example of how people are getting amazed at the content that chat G B T is able to do, and, and so what I’m gonna do, oh, suppose that you is, We can actually just exit full screen here and I will take you to chat g p t.

So I’m at the site now. It’s you can see the URL is So in order to use this, you need to register and I’ve done that already. So, but it’s, it’s really simple to. . And then once you do, you come to this page and it’s just gives you an overview of what chat G B T can do. So here’s some examples of explain quantum computing, right?

Some of its capabilities. This is really interesting. It remembers what you said earlier in the conversation, so you can ask it a question, get an.  and then refine it over time. If you don’t like it, you can say That was good, but now add in this other detail or remove something else. But here’s a key limitation and we’re gonna return to this, is that it may occasionally generate incorrect information.

That’s maybe an understatement and we’ll, we’ll speak more about it. But you know, in this webinar the, the problem that we wanted to talk about is, you know, the blinking cursor problem. So how do you get over. So let’s just say explain how a small business owner can save time preparing social media posts with chat g p T in the form of a rhyming poem.

Okay. That’s it. And you just give it a minute and then you see Oh, an error person. Yeah, there’s an error. Error. Oh, no, let’s, of course this is the trouble with live Dennis. Try again.

Okay. . Well, I’m sorry about that. So what I can do is we anticipated that this might be a problem. Yeah, because there’s been like in the last days it’s been saturated as well. That’s been many cases in which there’s so many users and so many people trying it out. Then you are, so here’s a video working in robotic process automation, and you’d like to write a blog on how.

RPA can help insurance brokers say a company of 20 employees increase the efficiency of their operations. You just typed in that prompt and then you ask chat to produce some content for you, and this is what you get.

Every time that the. Rights. It’s doing something original, so you don’t have to worry about this being plagiarism. Each new piece is new.

Well, I don’t know.

And if you don’t like what this is, then you can revise your directions to it to.  with a modified version of what this blog post could look like.

So that’s it. And like, and if you read this, the quality of the content, Is actually pretty good. So it’s not necessarily that of an expert in the field, but it’s more, I would say like of a junior level person working in the field. So a junior person who has some subject matter expertise, it still would need to be verified by somebody with more senior expertise.

But if you’re trying to get a first draft of something, it’s an excellent first draft.  and what it’s able to do is often far superior to what people are able to do at a first go around. And there’s, it’s certainly a lot faster and easier and you can get this and you know, do a second or third or fourth version of it in the course of a few minutes.

So, First of all, we wanted to talk about the, the benefits of generative ai and particularly, you know, being used for writing. So the first is creativity. You can express yourself in a new way. You can do it in another voice. Like in this case, you saw how we, we asked for it in the form of a poem. Well, I can’t write poetry, but now I have access to someone that can do it, or something that can do it for me so I can like unleash my inner artist.

Right? And of course, it’s gonna be more cost-effective.  This is like a fraction of the cost of some of the other alternatives that you might be looking at. You can increase your productivity rather than spending all of that time staring at a blinking cursor. You can be doing something else.

Something we expect to see is specialization so that the chat bot can be fine tune.  with the, the language model that’s using for fields like law or medicine. So we haven’t seen it yet, but the, that seems to be what’s on the horizon. And another thing to think about this is like for ai, it’s often in a high consequence environment.

You know, something like with self-driving cars, . Well, if the AI gets it wrong, that’s a, you know, that’s a catastrophic loss. But here, the AI is just, it’s very guidable. You ask for draft number one, you don’t like it, you tweak it and you can iterate through the process. But it’s the consequences of failure are not so severe.

And so you can work with it. That’s the good news. Before you go out and start using this for everything that you do, be aware of the following. Number one, you should think of it as a bullshitter. Okay? And you can think of that as convincing, sounding nonsense. It gives very persuasive But that doesn’t mean that it’s true.

It’s just telling you a story. Now, at the same time, it’s not a liar. The chat g p t, just simply doesn’t care about the truth. So if you were to ask it to tell me about how wonderful dinosaur civilization was, it can give you a really persuasive history. But there was no dinosaur civilization where they lived in skyscrapers, right?

But it can write a great story

and there’s some other limitations you should be aware of too. It’s a black box, right? So we don’t get an explanation about how these results were generated. You might like them, but if you wanna know how well you’re outta luck. . Another tip. Be careful what you ask for. You put in some prompts and this AI has read 10% of the material that’s on the internet.

A very high proportion of that, or too higher proportion is like offensive and hateful text, right? So if you set it up, For a situation that seems familiar, it’s going to auto complete the sentence in a way that it thinks you want to, so careful what you ask for. And people are already trying to get around some of the ethical boundaries that have been set up for chat G B T.

So if you ask it, what’s the best way to rob a bank? It won’t answer that question. But if you say, give me the plot summary for how characters could rob a bank, then it will give you that, right? So there’s, there’s still some issues about what it’ll give to you and you should be mindful about what you’re asking for.

And the other thing is, this is the dynamism of the marketplace at work. Here is the, the creation of a new type of job. There’s something called prompt base. To get the optimal results from these generative AI tools, you have to ask it in the right way, and that’s really important in what you’ll see for the, the images that are coming up in a couple of minutes.

So if you wanna get the best prompt, you can buy it from a prompt.

the prompt part is, I find it, I, I’m finding it very interesting. It’s it’s actually some prompts are more affordable. They’re some like $2 and, and $5. But you can even have the prompt to write the best Google ads to write like. Like funny insults like to, to add some sort of sense of humor.

So you, you’re, you’re starting to use really ways to be funny or, and joke and, and, and all of those prompts are for sale. So that’s, that’s really interesting. Okay. So, so far we’ve mostly talked about text, and now what I wanted to do was talk about generative AI and images and. The, the open AI company that I was talking about, they have another tool called Dolly and I’ll, I’ll show you some of that in a minute.

But this is where these images are from. So the prompt for the one on the left is I want an astronaut on a horse. This is what it comes back with. Then you change the prompt. So it’s an astronaut.  on a horse in the style of Andy Warhol. And then in the third one, it’s an astronaut on a horse, but a pencil sketch.

So this gives you a sense of the types of images that you can start to create and really the, the only limitations are your imagination. And then, Structuring the prompt in the right way to get the right feed out of it. So at the beginning I said when we used a prompt to showed the, you know, my friend who was with the blinking cursor problem.

So when I went into Dolly and asked it to generate some images, this is what I came back with. So it’s clearly not a stock photo, but there’s some limitations to it. I don’t know that I would’ve put this on my social media, maybe the one on the left. So I would’ve had to, I think, keep working on the prompts to get something that was, that was more suitable.

So this is from do. , which is one of the tools. Here’s another one. This is from Stable Diffusion, which is a, a competitor, and again, it was so here, I wanted like a, a woman who was frustrated at the computer.  and we’ve got like extra hands, extra digits very furrowed foreheads. So I would be even less inclined to use some of these.

I would have to work on them. And then here’s another one. So there are platforms like stable diffusion, and then there’s tools that are being built on those platforms. So one is called diffusion B, and this is what it’s generating. So it’s an incredible, sorry, power that you have with this new ai, John?

Yeah. What would be the difference? So between diffusion B and have you identified like, Like differences between the tools or one, what would you recommend? For, for like, I’ve played around with them a bit, and so like the one that I find easiest to use and fastest to use is Dolly. It also gives me like more choice.

So that’s the one that I’ve liked. Out of the three, I think Diffusion B was the one that. There was the biggest gap between what they promised and what they delivered. So if I was picking one, I would start with Dolly and it’s also free. Great. But so you’ve got all of this extra content, text and images, but you know, for our friend with the blinking cursor problem, what does she do, Sarah?

Yeah. So we can have, of course we have a lot of content and a lot of results with ai, but often the prob I find that often there’s a problem with the reason why we do things. And so if what is the, we need to identify our marketing strategy or create a marketing strategy, really understand what is the goal on you creating content or.

did Sarah freeze?

If you can hear me, John, then I’m not frozen. She is, I think. Okay. Yeah. Okay, so. Let me just do the best until she can come us back. So the point we were trying to make here is that generating all of this content is great, but if it’s directionless or the real temptation that people could have is to fill up people’s inboxes with more and more bland AI content.

So you wanna go through and think about, oh God. Okay. Can you hear me? Yeah, now we can. Oh, sorry. Like literally  disconnected. So, yeah, so I was saying, so the first thing is to define your, your marketing strategy. So why, why are you actually creating content or writing a blog or creating some social media?

You have to have a purpose and if the purpose, you can get it through your marketing strategy. So you are trying to position yourself as. This kind of company or you occupy this kind of space or get clients in a, these specific clients. So have that in mind. The second point is to have brand consistency and it goes.

The way that I, the way that I would recommend in this case is to list or make a list of keywords that support your brand’s narrative, your positioning. And so just work on that list of like keywords that go around, around your brand. In the case. For example, let’s use the example of Nike the, the sports brand.

So what keywords with ideas they could use, empowerment they could use sports and sustainability and everybody. It, things like that. So you write those words and then you start, you can then use these words in the prompt, in the feed the AI with this information so that you, you start giving it a shape.

Any. Remains consistent every time that you create content. And obviously also connect these words with your keywords on your SEO or and your platforms so that you start like creating content that supports your seo and. And that remains consistent across all of your channels of communication.

And lastly, I would recommend to create a content calendar. And by this I mean like go through the year and identify the key dates in the year that are related to your brand. In the case of Nike, for example, we can have the day of sustainability in the year or women’s day and in the year. And identify those key dates that are related again to your positioning that are related to your brand, that are related to your keywords.

And create a calendar when you have all of these events so that You can use then ai. So you connect these dates to the content that you want to create or deliver, so you have even less things to think about. You get the, the calendar gives you the perfect excuse for that. And so just verify that through the year, like when you look at your calendar.

It all makes sense and it all, it all aligns with your strategy goals. So you’re not just filling up the calendar with things to say or with events to say, but it is actually with the goal of getting you to be or own this space in the market that that fits with your target client. Next John and.

We’re gonna go through three tips that we can give you to maximize the ai content that you get. So the first one was to like, make sure that you deliver value. There’s so many, there’s so much content out there. There’s. Platforms of social media that are filled with information and just people keep posting and posting and posting.

But is it actual? Ask, ask yourself a question. Is it actually delivering any value to your customs to your customers? Be relevant. Make sure that your ideas, the post list, whatever you create here, re delivers. Value to them. So not just filling the space. Fillers are killers, so avoid filling up the digital space because it saturates people and it’s just not, you’re gonna get no results.

Or actually the negative effect, which will be people don’t wanna hear from you anymore. Next.  add a personal touch. So we seen that the AI can create like content that is actually creative and can actually be fun. But sometimes it’s just like, it is kind of standard. So make sure that with the text or with the images as well you don’t just copy paste.

Just try to make it yours. Add, add your extra touch. Add a phrase, add a story, add. Just something that reminds you, that really connects you to that content so that it is really relevant and it is you not just Like AI generated. And I recommend you to adjust it to your brand tone of voice.

So are you someone who’s very serious or are you all more flexible, more funny, more approachable? Is that tone of voice your, of vo tone, of voice of your brand. Then make sure that it is adjusted. So tweak it in the last one oh oh. Then I, the next one. Make sure to generate positive emotions. So don’t just create relevant content frequent and relevant content.

Make sure that it also generates a positive emotion. Make your audience smile. Develop smiling or reading something that makes you smile will develop a positive association between your brand, your content. And your customer. And when you get to do that, you get a lot more results. And then you really stay in the mind of your customers.

So always add like a positive note or ask the AI to use some sense of humor or add a joke. If you’re not very friendly, ask it. Ask the AI to do, do it for you. So that, so that it really like, Keeps that positive emotion going and your users, your audience will want to read from you, will be welcoming.

Your post will be welcoming your blogs welcoming those interactions that, that have with you, they have with you or with your content, because makes them feel good. So those are the three tips that I would have give entrepreneurs to when they use AI generated content.

Okay. So just wanted to broaden out in the last couple of minutes that, you know, we’ve talked about this one little bite size. Role for the generative ai, but it’s going to impact more than that. And there’s a couple of different ways you can think about it. One is, it’s almost like magic, right? It’s like, oh my God, I can’t believe what AI is able to do.

But it doesn’t take long until things that were considered magic, like Siri are just routine and they get woven into the fabric. So we’ve just started to play around with what this might look like. So imagine the, the AI as we’re calling it a co-pilot, but for designers. So on the left you’ve got like one kitchen, and then if you were a designer and you were trying to make it pitch to your client about, What might this kitchen become?

It could be like this and without having to do all of the drawings, but giving the right prompts to the AI so that it could do it for you and save so much time and give the client the chance to visualize multiple different options. So that’s one example of a co-pilot. And then we just started to brainstorm like other options for this.

obviously journalism is one on writing first drafts of articles, but for finance and consulting report writing, it’s already writing code. This is like happening as we speak. They could be your personal assistant. You have questions. You unanswered. It’s almost like it could be a researcher for.  and some people are suggesting it could be an alternative to Google.

The problem is it’ll give you an answer, but it won’t give you a source. Whereas Google does always give you a link to where it’s finding the information from. And then it could also be a visionary for, it’s not constrained by reality. So if you ask it like, where might we go? It might give you ideas that are completely unexpected and change your think.

Artists are already using it to design new types of images entering into contests and winning them. So designers, decorators, architects. Teachers and coaches asking it to prepare a course outline. So there’s a lot of different ways that this technology could go. We’re just at the tip of the wave and we’re expecting many more options to emerge.

So, The last thing that we wanted to share was something called the Canada Digital Adoption Program. This is funding that’s available to Canadian companies that generated at least $500,000 in revenue in any of the last three years. If you fit into that category, then you can get a $15,000 subsidy towards a digital adoption strategy.

So if there’s some way. If you’re curious about how you might enhance your digital capabilities, then this subsidy will cover the development of that plan. And it could be for ai, but it could be for any number of ways that you think you could enhance your, your digital capabilities. So we happen to be approved advisors under this program.

Jen and I work on ai.  and Sarah works around digital marketing. So if that’s something that’s of interest to you don’t hesitate to reach out and we can tell you more about it. And here is our contact information. So thank you very much for taking the time. 

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