Storytelling Coaching for Data and Policy Analysts

John Stroud

Are you a data or policy analyst with an important message to get across to your unit, management or department?

Storytelling can be a crucial part of your success.

John Stroud offers one-on-one and small group coaching to help you craft honest and compelling stories that will help your audience understand why what you have to say is meaningful and important, and help you get your message across.

He works with analysts to help them find ways to accurately communicate data-heavy or complicated topics in a way that is also clear and compelling. During coaching you will have the opportunity to work on presentations and get recommendations on presentation structure, content and presentation style.

Bringing 25 years of government experience to the table, John served as Vice President, Strategy at a federal crown corporation ($600M budget and 8000+ workforce) with responsibilities for Governance, Human Resources, Communications, Legal, Performance Measurement and Risk Prior to launching AI Guides. He is also a certified OpenExO consultant in exponential technologies.


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