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Neota Logic


With Neota you can automate and scale expertise of legal counsel or other experts. This improves consistency in decision making and streamlines the delivery of expertise to a wider audience than ever before. The expertise of your best people can help more colleagues, and clients than ever before, at a much lower cost. How Neota …

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Use artificial intelligence to predict outcomes. The Blue J software platform combines the power of machine learning and AI with expert understanding of legal factors. Now you can address legal questions faster, more completely, and with greater confidence. With it you can: Test the effect of various facts Identify authorities and guidance Produce an independent, …

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With RelativityOne, your organization can tackle all the challenges that come with e-discovery – without worrying about infrastructure or data security.  From handling smaller projects like internal investigations and the legal hold process to scaling up for early case assessments and large litigations, RelativityOne helps corporations centralize their data to mitigate risk, unlock operational efficiencies, …

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“I’m able to use ROSS as though it were a first-year associate doing top flight legal research.”  Jonathan Ukoka. “ROSS makes it easier to stop shooting in the dark and start collecting cases that are firing in your direction. So something that used to take me three hours I might be able to do in …

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Case Text

Casetext helps you do your best legal research and writing in a fraction of the time. Type what you are looking for in full sentences. Parallel Search finds you results with matching concepts, even if they use none of the same keywords. Compose makes it easy to find up-to-date arguments, legal standards, and precedent that …

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 DISCO is an end-to-end ediscovery solution for law firms, corporations, and government agencies.  More than 75 of the Am Law 200 rely on DISCO to automate and simplify review of the most complex cases. Speed up review times, improve accuracy with advanced AI, and secure your data while lowering costs. Their staff of legal and …

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Instantaneously review and revise contracts right in “Track Changes” just like an attorney. Blackboiler can identify inconsistencies, and automatically suggest edits consistent with a company’s playbook. The software claims a 75% reduction in Contract Review Time and up to 90% cost-savings using their automated contract review feature. BlackBoiler allows you to review the same volume …

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Kira Systems


Kira allows Law Firms to focus on high-value work with more efficient contract review. Create Efficiencies & Review More in Less Time Identify & Mitigate Risks Faster Spur Profitable Growth & Win More Business How Kira Systems Works Kira is a patented machine learning software that identifies, extracts, and analyzes content in your contracts and …

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Alexsei’s advanced Artificial Intelligence platform delivers affordable and high-quality answers to legal questions in memo format. By utilizing Alexsei’s powerful A.I. technology, lawyers & attorneys working in law firms can be confident in their understanding of any legal issue their clients face, from the most routine to the most complex. Leveraging Alexsei’s A.I. powered service …

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LawGeex uses AI to review contracts based on your predefined policies.  Free your legal team to work more efficiently, make stronger deals, and build a better business. Integrating into your existing workflow is easy – no complicated installation or expensive hardware needed. Remove all unnecessary roadblocks from the process so your business flows faster and …

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